We raise and breed multi-generational Australian Labradoodles from our home in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

We believe dogs heal hearts and save lives.

Images shows an Australian Labradoodle which is the breed selected by breeder

What is an Australian Labradoodle?

An Australian Labradoodle originated from Australia bred specifically for therapy work and companionship.

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Our story is simple…

We love Australian Labradoodles!

Our son, Takai, especially loves dogs. We call him “The dog whisperer “

Image depicts a boy loving a down with doodles puppy

So starting this business ended up being the perfect fit…

Because it combines our passion for Australian labradoodles with the benefit of providing a meaningful opportunity for our son, who is now entering adulthood.

Our mission has always been rooted in the belief that dogs have the power to heal hearts and save lives. This belief has blossomed into a fulfilling role for Takai. The feedback from those who’ve welcomed our dogs into their homes resonates deeply, more than we could have hoped. To see how our dogs are making a difference, please follow this link.

Please consider us when selecting a responsible breeder.

We would love to share in the journey! 

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