Why down with doodles?

There were several reasons why we started this business… 

These past few years have taken our family on a wild ride. In 2020, my husband faced a cancer diagnosis, which meant a disruption in our income was inevitable. With four kids still in school, all actively participating in sports, and our eldest son, Takai, who has Down syndrome, needing constant supervision, I realized my options for work outside the home were limited.

So, I began delving into the world of dog breeding. As I began to do my research, the more I explored, the more I felt it aligned perfectly with our family’s needs.

Our deep love for dogs and the ample space we had to raise them played a significant role in this decision.

Furthermore, Takai has always shared a unique bond with our furry friends. I saw this as a golden opportunity to involve him as he approached his 18th birthday and adulthood. He eagerly embraced the chance to contribute his love and care to these incredible animals.

Images shows an Australian Labradoodle which is the breed selected by breeder

With everyone on board, we were genuinely excited about our future, a feeling we hadn’t experienced in a long time.

The next step was choosing a breed, and Australian Labradoodles quickly won our hearts. We sought a dog that met all our criteria, but more importantly, one we could shower with affection. Little did we anticipate how swiftly these dogs would reciprocate our love. Now that my husband’s cancer is in remission, our future looks exceptionally bright here at Down with Doodles!

Image shows the bond of a family with their Australian Labradoodle

We appreciate your visit and eagerly anticipate sharing our promising future with you and your loved ones.

Brandi Harris – Breeder of Australian Labradoodles

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