Guardian Home Program

Becoming a Guardian

Our Guardian Program allows you to be a part of our breeding program and have one of our puppies as a forever pet.

We offer our Guardian homes the opportunity to adopt a young puppy at a discounted rate in exchange for breeding rights.

Our program is designed to benefit everyone involved, from the breeding dogs to their forever families.

We want to find loving homes for our breeding dogs, and the guardian program allows us to do that while also ensuring that the dogs receive the attention and care they deserve.

To be considered as a guardian home for one of our puppies, there are certain requirements that must be met

Requirements to be a Guardian Home

The Home Environment

Owner Occupied homes only

Maximum distance equal to a one-hour drive from Spruce Grove, AB

Have a fully fenced and secure yard

Free from hazourdous materials and/or toxic chemicals that are known to be harmful to animals.

Adequate space for the dog to eat, sleep and relax.


The Family

Provide a safe and loving home.

Provide regular exercise, proper nutrition, regular grooming and veterinary care.

Allow the dog to participate in our breeding program as needed.

Arrange transportation to and from all appointments including those relating to health testing, breeding, and socialization visits.

Sign a guardian contract which will outline all terms and conditions in detail.


What if health testing leads to the dog being deemed insufficient for the purpose of breeding after it’s already been living at the guardian home?

If health testing uncovers unfavourable results for breeding, we will spay the dog (at our cost) and the Guardian Home will be given the option to purchase the dog outright at a discounted rate equal to half our regular adoption fee.

*This charge will only apply if the dog has never had a litter.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian, please complete and submit our guardian home application and we will contact you once we have had a chance to review it.

Guardian Home Application

Thank you for your interest!