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Bow Valley Labradoodles

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Our very own
Down with Doodles


Suki delivered eleven beautiful and healthy puppies on February 7th, 2023.

Puppies were matched with wonderful families and were ready to go at the beginning of April.

If you received a puppy from this litter, we’d love to hear how you and your new puppy are doing!

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Meet The Puppies

Naming The Litter

“Everything with Purpose”

Our mantra since day one at Down with Doodles. We know how special dogs are and how they can change our lives for the better. We truly believe that they are heart healers. When thinking of a theme for this litter, I sat and pondered several different ideas and I wanted it to be something special. I started to think about family. Family truly is the most important thing to us.

These past few years have been interesting for everyone, no doubt. The silver lining has been that we have spent a lot of family time together as we faced isolation. Isolation that went well beyond the pandemic due to Ryan’s cancer diagnosis. Once we received the amazing news that he was in remission, we grew eager to start living life outside the home together again. We had to be extremely careful to keep him safe from any illness as his immune system was so compromised.

The one place that was our safe haven was the baseball diamond.

We love baseball. I can’t explain it. Being at the diamond makes us feel a certain way. It’s a place where we can put our troubles behind us and just celebrate our love for the game.

We love watching it, our kids love playing it, and we love what it can do for the community that surrounds it.

Baseball has purpose.

We have made lifelong friends who made sure to keep the lights on bright during some of our darkest days.

Baseball is much more than just a sport to us and this is why we have chosen this particular theme for this litter.

 xo Brandi Harris – Breeder


Where the game is played


A New Baseball


The Great Babe Ruth


A Baseball Uniform Top


Someone Who Recruits Players


A Popular Brand for Baseball


a helmet worn by a catcher


a popular baseball brand


Slang for home run


nickname for an umpire


a favourite baseball snack

Selecting the Perfect Stud

It’s no secret how important this business is to our family.

From the very start, we knew that doing things properly, humanely and of the highest ethical standards was the only way forward for us. But even then, it felt like something was missing… we want to do more simply because we truly do believe that dogs have the power to heal hearts and save lives.


We are so passionate and dedicated in our hope of making a huge difference in the lives of others.


Not only is this the reason behind why we take our pairings very seriously, but it also drives us towards one of our longer term goals for this business.

There is a whole world of working dogs and service animals out there and we hope to be involved with that someday in some capacity.

For now, rest assured that we have searched high and low througout Canada, as well as parts of the United States, in order to find the perfect stud to sire Suki’s next litter and we feel we’ve accomplished this. 

Out of all the amazing candidates we considered, there was one that stood out and stole our heart… Here’s why…

It has always been our son’s wish to welcome a chocolate coloured dog into our home.

Takai spent most of his childhood alongside a sweet and gentle natured chocolate coloured Labrador retriever that was owned by his Grandmother.

The dog turned out to be a best friend and buddy for our young Takai. The two were inseparable. They connected in a way that we had not seen up to that point in those early years with Takai.

They were little soul mates.

Our friend and mentor, Kelsie, from Puppy Love Labradoodles recommended Christina from Bow Valley Labradoodles to us.

She is located right here in Alberta.

We found her contact information by searching the WALA website

We called Christina and wouldn’t you know, she had a chocolate stud available who had passed all his health testing with flying colours and was not a carrier for any disease.

His name is Gunner.

We talked extensively about Gunner. We told her our story and she told us all about Gunner. Come to find out he has sired many therapy and service dogs due to his temperament being as what can best be described as simply amazing. We can’t wait to see what this next litter will bring.

As for Takai’s little buddy… well, he’s been gone a few years now; sadly, but we know his spirit will live on. In fact, every now and then, Takai will wake up with some words of love for his much missed friend… his friend who also went by the name of…


Gunner, we searched high and low for you and we are so happy we found you.